As-Built Plan Creation in Heidelberg

Our support in the creation of your drainage system

Often no drainage plan is available. Such a plan was not even drawn up in the first place for cost reasons - especially in the case of old buildings and detached houses. While the builder pays for visible parts of the building project, such as conservatories or individual roof shapes, the "invisible stepchild" drainage system is often neglected.

This often results in serious construction errors, especially in the case of old building renovations. A lot of trouble, high warranty claims of the property owner as well as unexpected follow-up costs can be avoided by the professional preparation of an as-built plan.

The most common problems from practice

Missing drainage planSubsequent changes and targeted cleaning of the drainage system are difficult
Laying of the base pipe without sufficient slopeRisk of blockage
Incorrect installation of backwater protection systemsCellar flooded during heavy rainfall
Missing inspection or cleaning openingWork on the drainage system is not possible or is difficult to do

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