Ventilation Cleaning in Pfungstadt

Functional testing, maintenance and cleaning of exhaust air systems

Do you need a cleaning service for your ventilation system in Pfungstadt? The Abfluss AS team is here to help. Sanitary ventilation systems are critical to maintaining a healthy indoor climate. If neglected, it can result in inconveniences such as foul odours or even mould growth in homes, largely due to the build-up of dust and dirt particles.

We use specially designed cleaning equipment to ensure a thorough result, and our commitment to the environment also means we tackle ventilation cleaning without the use of chemical cleaning products.

Our Services

  • Functional testing and maintenance of sanitary ventilation ducts
  • Basic cleaning of fume cupboard and gravity ventilation systems
  • Cleaning of house ventilation motors of all current manufacturers
  • Cleaning of poppet valves, small room ventilation motors and connection pipes in residential areas
  • Replacement of defective filters and valves

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