Sewer renovation (closed approach) in Pfungstadt

without costly digging up

Abfluss AS offers innovative solutions for sewer renovation in Pfungstadt and the Rhine-Neckar-area, without the need for extensive excavation work.

Thanks to modern techniques, there’s no need for excavation work in about 80% of sewer rehabilitation cases. Instead, the work can be done efficiently using for example so-called short liners, where the affected section is reinforced internally with a patented glass fibre mat soaked in a special water-resistant resin.

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Procedure of a short liner rehabilitation

  • Preliminary cleaning of the pipe
  • Check of the extent of damage with TV inspection
  • TV inspection to document the actual condition and exact measurement of the damaged area
  • Application of a resin-coated glass-fibre mat on an installation device (packer), positioning of the packer under camera observation
  • Proof of repair success by TV inspection

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