Continuous Service Contracts (DSV) with and without maintenance in Kaiserslautern

The best “insurance” against frequent drainage malfunctions or for quick emergency assistance

In Kaiserslautern, Abfluss-AS offers customised long-term service contracts (DSV) as optimum "protection" against frequent drainage problems and rapid assistance in an emergency. Our customers can choose between three tried-and-tested contract models with and without maintenance to best suit their individual needs. Our main aim is not only to save you money, but we also want to minimise the risk of sudden problems for you.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your drainage system is crucial to its functionality and can directly affect your insurance cover. Failure to carry out maintenance can cause problems with your building’s insurance, especially if damage is caused by faulty pipe connections or tree roots. Prevent the risk of claims being reduced or denied by regularly fulfilling the maintenance requirements set out in your policy.

Advantages of our permanent service contracts (DSV)

  • Fewer breakdowns of your wastewater systems and less hassle for yourself
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs for wastewater systems that are susceptible to malfunctions
  • Regular maintenance or emergency assistance available on a case-by-case basis
  • Maintenance premiums as apportionable operating costs
  • Preferential service in speed and price at any time
  • Adaptation of your DSV to your individual needs, even during the contract period

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